Top Ten Hospital Bag Essentials | Mum

I recently posted a top ten hospital bag essentials for baby so this is my top ten for mummy's and mummy's to be! This list is purely items that I found helpful and would take again but it is totally a personal list and things may not be for everyone.

  • Lip balm - I used gas and air and it made my lips quite dry, as well as that hospitals are warm places and dry out my skin.
  • Bottled water with a sports cap - When you are between contractions and need a drink I found these so much easier to drink out of.
  • Maternity pads and disposable underwear - You might bleed like a normal period or it might be super heavy either way be prepared!
  • Appropriate clothing - Try and choose high waisted bottoms if you are having a c section, tops that offer easy access for feeding and layers so that if you are hot its easy to cool down! Comfort was also a big factor for me when choosing clothing to take although I didn't stay in hospital overnight when having any of my babies, I did pack plenty just in case there was a medical need for me to do so.
  • Birth Ball - I believe some hospitals will provide these but I'm fussy and would always want my own, these can help you to labour effectively and I found bouncing helped me focus away from the pain.
  • Music - This may or may not be your thing but I really enjoyed having my ipod and speakers playing gently in the birthing room. I had pre made a labour play list with soothing favourites!
  • Hairband/pins - I have long hair and I was so glad to tie it up and have it off of my face when I was in labour!
  • Birth plan/notes - I had a pre written plan which I handed straight over when I arrived at the hospital and asked the midwives to read, it helped make sure I got the birth I wanted and I felt more calm and in control.
  • Camera and spare battery - Of course we want photographs!!! This was one of the most important items that I took with me.
  • Change/coins - Needed for parking and also for vending machines for your birth partner! You never know how long you will be in labour for so my advice would be take plenty.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this was helpful x

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