Travelling Medical Essentials

Whenever we go on a trip away I like to put together a medicine kit of travelling medical essentials that I think we might need whilst we are away so that we are well prepared. So I have prepared a list of the things I am planning to take and I thought I would share them with you.

Okay so first of all I will list all of the pain relief medicines I will be taking. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Calpol and childs Ibuprofen. All handy for pain such as a head ache or even a fever. And if you are prepared then as soon as you feel a headache coming or a slight temperature you can work to fight it.

The other medicines I will be taking with us will be - Rennies, Antihistamines, Cold and Flu Tablets and Imodium. You never know when you will have a reaction to something or eat something that doesn't agree with you so these are all must have for our family.

I am also taking along things for cuts etc. So I will be taking, plasters, antiseptic spray, blister plasters, sun cream (ever hopeful but you never know and definitely a must in summer), tweezers and a digital thermometer. And I will also be taking some hand sanitizer, so that we can clean our hands in a rush to deal with a cut or bump and also for cleaning them afterwards.

Being prepared is key in any situation but more so when you will be away from your home environment and away from all your basic supplies for example a thermometer - not always something you would think to take but if your child suddenly felt unwell it may be something you wish that you had taken with you.

Stay Healthy and Have Fun!

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