Travelling with toddlers and children!

Over the next few days I will be bringing you a series of posts on travelling with babies, toddlers and children from what to pack, and things I would take for the journey!

We are off to Butlins in half term and are facing a minimum drive of 3 and a half hours and that is if traffic is good!!! So in preparation for this trip as I sort things I will also be creating posts featuring my plans, ideas and essentials. Anyone planning a trip soon that is looking for some guidance keep a look out!

Half term will be super exciting for us with out four night trip to Butlins, we are arriving on the Monday and staying until the Friday. We are lucky that my husband is a Butlins ambassador and are super excited, it is going to be a three generation holiday with my husbands parents coming with us. I will of course be blogging about our trip and our experiences so keep an eye out for that and if you'd like to see our holiday in action feel free to check out our daily vlog on YouTube -

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