Update on me and mine!

Okay so I started the year with so many good intentions and then I got caught up in the hectic times of Charlie's birthday and his party with all his friends (and general life to be honest)! And then sadly on the 17th of this month I lost one of the most important wonderful people in my life, my amazing, caring, funny and loving Granny passed away.

I won't go into details but it was unexpected and I along with my mum were with her in the hospital when she passed away. It was a complete shock as I had only helped move her things into her care home on the Thursday and it has hit me like a brick. I am devastated. And words can not express the loss that I feel now she is gone. BUT looking forward I am trying to focus on the good things and the beautiful memories I have of my Gran and the times we spent together.

Apart from this devastating loss we are doing pretty good, the boys have settled back into routine after Christmas and we have got some new storage for our house which has helped us to organise better and made it a nicer environment to live in. We are super excited for our family vlog channel as we are loving filming out days and making our vlogs and I am also working on my own personal youtube channel.

I feel blessed for all that I have in my life and the beautiful people I share it with but part of me is still not okay with losing my Gran and I think it will take a while.

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