Quick and Easy Easter Cards

My beautiful babies and I wanted to make some Easter Cards ready to give to our loved ones this holiday and I wanted to make things as easy and stress free as possible. Is that even possible with more than one under 5 involved with an activity? Anyway I sat thinking for the evening before deciding on printing out templates for them to paint or colour that I could then outline, cut out and they could stick onto blank cards.

First of all I gathered all the materials we would need - blank cards and envelopes and I printed off some template egg designs. Harry and Olivia decided they would like to colour the pictures in rather than paint so I also got the pens and pencils out.

As you can see they had lots of fun (and lots of concentration) colouring in the pictures. Olivia decided she wanted to colour written template (HAPPY EASTER) and so in order for the recipient to be able to read it I coloured in half of it in a dark colour (I chose purple) and outlined the letters in black before letting Olivia loose with it and I think the end result was quite good!

Overall this Easter Activity took no time at all to set up and was lots and lots of fun (we will be doing it again as we need more cards made - we love far too many people) but the cards are looking pretty cute in my opinion!

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