Top 10 Homemade Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I recently brought you a post on budget Mothers day gift ideas, this post is about the top 10 different homemade or put together gifts you could give this Mothering Sunday.

  • A basket of goodies - this one is possibly the easiest and relatively inexpensive. If you buy a basket (even one from the £1 store) and fill it with lovely things (again you could use the £1 store for this) you could include bubble bath, chocolate, a magazine. and then wrap it up in cellophane with a bow
  • Painted plant pot - most garden centre's will sell plain plant pots, if you buy one of these and paint it however you think your mum would like either with a message, pattern or picture and then you can either plant a pre grown plant or plant seeds into it to make a lovely gift
  • Favourite dish or dessert - how many times does your mum get someone that cooks for her? Maybe treat her to breakfast in bed, a lovely home cooked meal or her favourite dessert made by you? Just make sure you clean up her kitchen when your done if you use hers
  • Hand painted jewellery box - you can buy hinged wooden boxes from most craft shops, paint this to create a beautiful jewellery box
  • Personalised plate - You could buy a plain blank plate and using the appropriate paint again paint a message, pattern or picture
  • Scrap Book - A notebook or craft book filled with memories, quotes, receipts and anything else that means something to you both
  • Photo Album - I would buy a scrap book for this also so that I could stick photographs on each page but personalise with comments or cute stickers or stamps with that added extra
  • Plaque - Again a craft shop or online for a blank plaque and paint your own message or saying onto it
  • Giant cookie - Bake a giant cookie and then ice a special mothers day wish onto it.
  • Apron or peg bag - If you handy with a needle and thread or a sewing machine, a gift of this kind would be simple yet treasured.
 I hope this was helpful and gave some good ideas!

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