Top Tips for Potty Training

As a mum of three I have been through my fair share of potty training, so I this post brings you my top tips for successful and stress free potty training!

  • Don't force it, wait for them to be ready it's fine to test the waters now and again by seeing if they will use the potty but don't push in upon them if they aren't ready.
  • Leave a potty out in the house for a few months prior to potty training, this will allow them to get used to it so it's not a completely unknown object you are trying to get them to sit on!
  • Decide on a reward system and explain it and stick to it. For us they each got a sticker for every wee or poo on the potty.
  • Praise, praise, praise!!! Make as much noise and excitement as you can - this is a big deal for everyone involved and they need to hear how happy it makes you when they use the toilet or potty!
  • DO NOT under any circumstances tell them off if they have an accident. Accidents happen and are easily sorted out. Their confidence will take a much bigger knock and it just isn't fair to tell them off!
  • Take them shopping to buy supplies whether it's a new pack of big girl/boy pants or a new potty or whatever it might be. Get them involved as much as possible.
  • If you can find one buy a story book on potty training for example we bought Olivia this one:
  • In the beginning ask every 5 minutes or so 'Do you need the toilet?' 'Do you need a wee?' this will help them remember they need to go to the toilet/potty to go.
  • Last but by no means least relax, just relax and don't get stressed they will get it eventually!
I hope these tips were helpful and you enjoyed this post.

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