What's in your Easter Basket?

What have you all planned/bought for Easter? Are you filling a basket or simply buying a chocolate egg? I have taken photo's of everything we have and so this post comes to you to explain what we have bought.

First of all we bought them a big kinder surprise Easter egg each. We were so excited to buy these as we had wanted them last year but left it too late to get any so I got these as soon as I saw them in the shops.And I can't wait to see their faces when they see them!

We also got them a small Milkybar chocolate cow each to have, mostly because they are super cute and I know they will love them! Plus I love them and think they are adorable, I mean look at those eyes?!

And of course it's not all chocolate but there is more..... this time with a egg hunt set I got from tesco. The little plastic eggs are hollow and can be opened for filling so I am going to put little chocolates in them for the mini Gibson's to find.

All that egg hunting will surely deserve some recognition though, so I have got them some medals!!! Also from tesco but I seriously can't get over what a cute idea this is and I know my children will go crazy for it!

Again from tesco are these colouring books that I got, all of my children love to colour and we have colouring books from most occasions - Halloween, Christmas etc.

And last but by no means least I also got these Easter Crackers, I'm super excited to see what these are like and how the children react to them as I've only ever bought crackers at Christmas before but these just seemed so fun and cute I couldn't resist!

I am so excited for Easter and to share these treats with them. What have you all bought for Easter either as gifts or for yourself?

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