50 Things That Make Me Happy

So I was tagged by the lovely Natalie over at The Diary of an Unexpectant Mother to list 50 things that make me happy. I tag Daddy Space and Natalie Knight !

Here goes-

  1. My beautiful children - I am thankful every day for them
  2. My amazing husband - not only do I fancy the pants off of him, he is my best friend too
  3. Health and happiness (most of the time)
  4. Being surrounded by my supportive family
  5. Having crazy friends - who wouldn't want crazy friends?!
  6. Sunshine and good weather - flip flops, sunshine and sunglasses
  7. Being a stay at home mummy to my gorgeous children - I am so lucky!
  8. My fantastic hobbies - from crafting to YouTube
  9. Cake - all cake, all of the cake, just cake.
  10. Chocolate
  11. Laughter - it is a beautiful sound
  12. Blogging - I may not be the best or the most interesting but I love it
  13. Vlogging - I have my own YouTube channel and my husband and  I have a daily channel - thegibblets
  14. Books - I love to read
  15. The smell of freshly baked cookies
  16. Notebooks - I love different sizes, designs and making lists
  17. Making someone laugh or smile
  18. Popcorn
  19. Reading lovely comments
  20. Feeling like I am making new friends through blogging and vlogging
  21. Sleeping in - I have however almost forgotten what this feels like
  22. Having a clean and tidy house
  23. Seeing my children playing together
  24. Seeing my children having fun outdoors
  25. Tea. With two sugars
  26. Strangers being polite to each other
  27. Kindness
  28. Getting into bed with fresh sheets
  29. Pretty Little Liars - slightly obsessed currently
  30. Pasta..... okay carbs!
  31. My make up drawer - I love that it is so organised and this makes me happy
  32. Seeing the flowers growing and opening in spring
  33. Good hair days
  34. When the scales are kind and tell me I have lost weight
  35. Getting surprise post that brings something fun
  36. My phone and social media
  37. My laptop
  38. Having my hair done
  39. Shopping
  40. Donuts - they taste so gooooood
  41. Putting my make up on
  42. Hearing my adorable babies tell me they love me
  43. My darling children telling me I am beautiful
  44. Christmas/December (November if I can convince my husband)
  45. Flowers
  46. Floral prints
  47. Making lists
  48. Completing lists and achieving things
  49. Watching my children fall asleep
  50. Cuddles
Wow this was harder to do than I imagined, under pressure trying to think!! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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