Introduction to Brit Mums 2015!

Firstly I cannot explain how excited I am to be writing this post!!! Last year I tagged along with my husband who blogs over at Daddy Space but I didn't actually attend I explored London whilst he went and I was super jealous. This year I'm coming!!!! Please look out for me and say hello if you see me! I am crazy nervous and also crazy excited. Although my husband has found a sponsor again I sadly haven't and so will be paying for it myself, but I'd rather this than not go again.

I'm very nervous that I will end up not having anyone other than my husband to talk to (thank goodness he is coming so I will definitely not be sat on my own) I am a shy person until I get to know people and I struggle to put myself out there. If anyone see's me and would like to say hello I promise I will love it! And if anyone else feel's the same way we can all chat before hand and get to know each other so we are not complete strangers! I am on social media a lot and happy to chat, chat and chat!

The agenda has been released although not everything had been confirmed but already there are a few that have caught my eye that I know I will definitely want to see! As you may or may not know I also have a YouTube channel and also a daily vlog YouTube channel and there are a few that I think will be relevant for my blog and my channel so double the reward.

If you haven't bought your ticket, there is still time! I can't wait to meet you all and I hope I will come away with lots of new friends, hopefully friends for life x

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