Quick and Easy Easter Treat!

Anybody looking for a quick and easy Easter treat to make will love this post about my Easter crispy cakes! The only cooking is melting some chocolate and my children had a fabulous time making them!

These are the ingredients that I used - cornflakes, chocolate, micro eggs and cupcake cases.

And the method for making them is so easy, first step melt the chocolate! We broke the chocolate into chunks and popped it in a dish over a saucepan or boiling water to melt. We decided to be a bit different and do some white chocolate crispy cakes as well as the traditional milk chocolate.

Once the chocolate is melted you simply pour it over your cornflakes and stir it all up so that the cornflakes are all covered in chocolate equally.

This takes no time at all and once you are all mixed you can start spooning the mixture into cupcake cases. Once your cases are all full then carefully put your toppings on top, we used micro eggs which were teeny mini eggs and super cute! Then put your crispy cakes into the fridge so that the chocolate cools and sets hard.

Then your finished result is a simple but delicious Easter Treat that was easy and quick to make. Enjoy x

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