Scentsy Warmer Review

This post is brought to you to review a Scentsy Warmer that I purchased and have been using. My lovely neighbour is a Scentsy consultant and recently let me look at/smell all of her products and after having a good look and a good chat I decided that I wanted to purchase one. Scentsy sell all kind of warmers, sprays, fresheners and even special teddy's so it was hard to choose but in the end I decided on the Etched Core warmer and three wax bars.

I bought and paid for these items myself and have just chosen to review them as I'd like to write about the warmer. The warmer itself is a creamy colour and has a textured surface. Its very pretty and has little dot holes all over it. When it's on it is lit with a low watt heating element inside and the entire warmer lights up like a lamp and it looks truly beautiful. The warmer has the warming dish on top of it which is where you place a chunk or two of the wax which releases the gorgeous scents as it is heated up.

The strength of smell that is released from the burner is perfect, it's not overpowering but it does give enough that you can smell it and enjoy (I find a lot of scented candles I can't smell unless stood right next to them). And it is very easy to change the smell even if there is still some left, if you warm the wax slightly it will pop out and the dish will wipe clean. So far my first cube has lasted ages so I feel like I will fancy a change before I run out. I am completely in love with this burner at the moment and I use it every day, mostly when I am in the kitchen cooking or even when generally cleaning as I love that it leaves the room smelling so lovely instead of those yucky cooking smells that can sometimes linger. I will say I found the wire very obvious and I wish it was maybe slimmer and so therefore easier to hide but I would definitely say that is a very small negative as I love the product so much. Lastly I thought I'd leave you with a side by side comparison picture of the burner in the day and in the night.

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