What's in my drawers?!

Have you ever wondered how other people store their make up? Or just wanted to be nosy and see what was in their drawers? Well look no further this post brings you the contents of the top two drawers of my chest that has my mirror on top which is where I do my hair and make-up.

The picture below shows the top two drawers and all my bits and bobs stored inside them!

The top drawer holds all of my make which is organised with drawer organisers into skin products like foundations, eye shadows etc, lip products, eye lash and brow products and make up brushes. I also have all of my nail polishes in an organiser in the far left corner. This drawer is also home to all of my hair brushes and combs, my hand-held mirrors, moisturisers, cotton pads and a few miscellaneous items.

The second drawers holds my hair styling items for example hair dryer, straighteners, hair spray etc. It also has my body moisturisers, body sprays, perfumes and deodorants.

I love having everything organised in these drawers where I can see it all easily. It makes looks for things quicker and less stressful especially when I'm in a rush - which with 3 children aged 5 and under is an often occurrence in our house! I love using the drawer organisers for my make up as previously it was all in a make up bag squashed in together and I would have to empty the whole bag to find what I needed now I can easily see and grab what I need and want to use with no hassle. It has made getting ready so much quicker and a much more pleasant experience rather than trying desperately to tip the contents of the make up bag on the bed to find what I need and then finding something had opened and spills on the sheets!

It is something I recommend every woman to do, if you don't have space for a make up table it doesn't mean you can find a little nook or corner to be your beauty corner or area.

Thank you so much for reading x

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