BritMums Live 2015 Meme

BritMums Live is a massive UK blogging event and social media conference and this year I am attending!!! I'm not sponsored as sadly my little 'ole blog isn't at that stage yet but I am so happy to be attending and very very nervous and scared as well!!

If you see me please please come and say Hi, although I warn you I recognise faces but names escape me everytime! Although I am hoping everyone will have name badges on! See you there guys!

Name ~ Katy Gibson

Blog ~

Twitter ID ~ KatyGibson246

Height ~ 5ft5

Hair ~ Long and Blonde

Eyes ~ Dark blue with a hint of green

Is this your first blogging conference ~ Yes. Mostly, I went along with my husband (Daddy Space) last year but I didn't attend the actual event I explored London instead (and was very jealous).

Are you attending both day? ~ Yes!!!! Definitely! I am so excited and crazy nervous also!!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015? ~ I am looking forward to the new experience and everything it will bring but I am looking forward to learning more about blogging and what I can do for my blog.

What are you wearing ~ I have no idea. Literally none..... although flat shoes for sure!

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015? ~ Friends. I realise that makes me seem a little bit of a loser maybe but I really do hope that I come away with some amazing friends for life. I would also like to gain some knowledge and skill for my blogging.

Tell us one thing about you not everyone knows ~ Along with my husband we have a daily vlog channel on YouTube where we upload a new video everyday

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