How do I do it?

This is an odd post but they amount of times in a week someone will say to me..... 'how do you do it?' meaning how do I cope being a stay at home mum with three children aged 5 and under! So as I was brainstorming for post ideas I decided to give this one a whirl and see if any other lovely mummy's out there were asked the same question, or even if they are considering adding to their family and it was a genuine question.

First of I will start by saying my children came along one at a time, I had time to adjust and settle into solid routines with each of them and with each new arrival. I think perhaps a mother or multiples should be asked how they manage it as that must be soo hard (although double the reward).

Routine. Routine. And more routine. This is so key for myself and my family, if we didn't have a routine (or stupidly on the odd day we decide we can wing it without it.....) everything goes wrong and it looks like a disaster zone. Lately I have been seriously grieving for my amazing Gran who sadly passed away in January and I have had a lot more days where I haven't stuck with my routine and it shows. I am definitely ready to have it back and for good. From the routine I have at breakfast where my children eat and I clean the kitchen whilst chatting to them (this is a good one for me as I am not a massive breakfast person) and I try to ensure at least one load of washing is in the machine before breakfast is finished.

Anything that can be prepared in advance nearly always is. Why add more stress to a situation when you can work on it before it begins? Lunches can be made, bags can be packed, clothes can be organised. My children love to join in with household chores and cooking which is fabulous as it means I can spend time with them and stimulate them whilst getting things done, whether it's counting items of washing or baking some cakes everything can be fun if it make it. Which means fun can be productive for mummy which is awesome!!

One of my main pointers would be to try not to stress, especially over silly things. I know that is definitely easier said than done, trust me I've been there and continue to go there often, but I try to just take a deep breath and then deal with each situation in a calm and collected manner. My children react and behave a lot better when I do, don't forget those bundles of joy learn by example.

And mostly, the love I have for my children outweighs any hard work/stress by such a gigantic amount that I would always chose the work/stress just to have those three little monkeys in my life x

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