Top Tips for preparing your child to start school!

Here are my top tips for preparing your child to start school, it's fast approaching...... September. It seems like its ages away but it will creep up very quickly with only half a term left before the summer holidays it is definitely getting closer! My eldest Charlie started school last year and second child Harry will start in just a few short months in September.

  • Firstly I would say (and this is a big one really) talk about school, talk about what they might do there, what they can expect and just talk talk talk make school familiar!
  • Have a solid routine at home, school will be a lot of routine although I'm sure they will enjoy free play too! But a good routine will mean that school is not a major shock to the system!
  • If you can buy school, uniform in advance so that they can see it, try it, get the feel for it and get used to it. I'd say make this an exciting thing, especially those with older siblings 'you will look like such a big boy/girl like your big brother/sister'.
  • Visit the school your child will attend, with your child if that's allowed. As much as you can as well, maybe ask for an extra informal visit on top of all the regulated scheduled meetings that I presume most schools will have.
  • Use school as an example in as many situations as possible 'You will count and use your numbers in school as well' 'You might have jacket potato for lunch at school wouldn't that be fun' 'I wonder if school will have the same books as you of if they will have some new ones to read'
  • Always be excited. Even if the thought of your child going to school makes you want to sob, don't let them see that. Be excited, upbeat and happy. If your child is even slightly unsure they will take their lead from you, make it a positive one!
  • Let them help choose special 'going to school' items, maybe a new school bag, a coat or even some new socks that are to wear to school!
I'm no expert, just a mum trying to share her thoughts and advice but I really hope that some of these tips were useful for you and that they help smooth the transition.

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