British Tea Lovers Father Day Tea review

This is a review of some tea I was sent from to review. This particular tea is specifically aimed at Fathers Day due to the beautiful tin is comes in (and the fact is says Happy Fathers Day on the tin ha ha).

Now I am not particularly fancy with tea or anything like that, I tend to stick to basic tea bags and go from there but this tea came in leaves and once strained and poured was actually really delicious!!! I can't even pinpoint exactly what it was other than is felt so refreshing and tasty!

One of my favourite things about this tea is the fact that the tin was full. Sometimes you buy a product in a tin or case and when you finally get into it the product or product inside seems as if it's half the size that you were expecting. This tin was full of tea goodness!

As you can see from this picture the tea was a snug fit width wise which meant it really was full, which I LOVE!!! You actually get what you pay for. The other thing that I love about this product is the tin. I love tins, so much. They are pretty, useful, reusable and I just think they are cute. they make fabulous gifts and I always appreciate a cute and thoughtful gift.

You can purchase the tea in a tin from the website stated at the beginning of this post and if you use the discount code: DAD122     I believe that you get £1 off!

Thank you for reading x

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