Degustabox Review - June Picnic Box

Welcome to my review of the June Degustabox, my husband actually received this bow but I thought I would bring you a little review of it myself! This months box is a 'Picnic Box' which I am presuming means they feel the items included would be handy for a picnic?!

Some of this months items I had previously tried and some were completely new to me! I love it when the box has a new item in that I discover I actually love..... so exciting! The box when it arrives is beautifully presented, the box is tastefully decorated with the Degusta logo and the inside is always wrapped temptingly in brown paper!! 

The first item that I pulled out of this mystery box was an Icycl Vodka icepop, they RRP at £2.50 and are available in a selection of natural fruit flavours and they each contain 6.4% of vodka. IMAGINE THIS AT A BBQ!!!!! Although you will have to make sure no children help themselves, what a clever clever idea!!

Next up were these Pitch products!! A massive favourite in our house so I don't even need to taste these to recommend them! They are a hit with mummy and daddy as they are free from artificial colours and preservatives and they are a hit with all of our children as they taste sooo good!! And they have chocolate in, what's not to like?! They both RRP at £1.70 each and are great for picnics, we actually took ours to a cycle trail today for lunch!

These two gorgeous products are from the Kallo range. They RRP at £1.69 and £0.70 (it doesn't specify which is more but I think the rice snacks are probably 70p). The rice cake thins are AMAZING!!!! And the rice snacks are pretty good too - I do have to say how excited I was that they were gluten free as my mum suffers from coeliac disease which means she is allergic to gluten!! It makes her so poorly and I am always on the look out for new and tasty things she can eat as it is surprising how many things do contain gluten so this product (and now brand) are a massive massive hit with us!

Vybe Coconut water?! Absolutely not my thing as I can not stand coconut HOWEVER my husband tried it and said it was really nice and I have heard very good things about coconut water and how healthy it is for you, RRP is £1.89 and it is great for hydration, you can find out more information at . Love Chin Chin is manufactured in the UK but is a West African sweet snack and is made from 100% natural ingredients. This product boasts that is 'crunches like a biscuit and tastes like cake'. Personally I did enjoy this product and I would definitely buy it again but I did find the taste and crunch odd, not in a bad way just odd. It was super tasty and healthy!!!! The RRP for the Love Chin Chin product is £1 which is great value for such a tasty healthy snack.

As 'Product of the month' we have the Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime Cider which I have had before, and LOVE - win!! So I was super excited to see this in the box, although the downside is my husband and I may have to play rock paper scissors to see who gets to drink it as it's far too nice to share!! (Or maybe I will just buy some more!) This cider is £1.49 for one but is also available in a four pack. The Zeo carbonated soft drinks RRP at £1.29 and are made with 98% spring water and come in four refreshing flavours. I have to sat I wouldn't buy the Zesty Lime again but I adore the Peach & Grapefruit (however that's personal taste and nothing to do with the actual product), best news is they are under 30 calories per bottle!!

Literally one of my favourites in this box has to be the Melba Thins, where have these been all my life?! They RRP at £1.39 and are amazing!! So tasty, I actually tried these alongside a soup which was so nice but you could top them with delicious things and serve them at a dinner party or even just  a lunch time treat! And last but not least is the Coconom organic coconut sugar which is a completely natural replacement to sugar. This doesn't excite me massively as (I mentioned previously) coconut is really not my thing BUT the Degustabox also came with some recipes so I am thinking I will try making the Triple Chocolate Flourless Brownies with this sugar as they suggest?!

I hope you enjoyed this review and found my comments insightful and helpful! 

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