Duvet Covers Favourite Wishlist

So finally I have all the furniture in our bedroom exactly how I want it to be! But we have the same duvet covers that we have had for over five years!!!! I am sooo bored of them now so I am bringing you my duvet cover wishlist and my thoughts on each set as I decide which to go for! I have narrowed my choices down to four favourites which I think are all beautiful!

Okay guys so first up is the top left picture which is an absolutely gorgeous duvet cover set from YorkshireLinen, it's priced at £21.99 (bargain!) and is a gorgeous duck egg blue (which matches our curtains). This set is a mix of floral and stripes and is even reversible which really appeals as if I want to switch things up I can easily!! I also really like that I can see what this duvet cover looked like against a white bed frame and bedside table as that's what we have for our bedroom! This picture says it all really!

Top right is a duvet cover from Matalan which is also a gorgeous reversible duvet cover (anyone else see a trend?!) this one is priced at £22.00 but sadly is out of stock in all sizes except single!! I can't say that the picture sells it too well for me personally against the dark background as our bedroom furniture is all white so it's hard to imagine.

Bottom left is a bargain at £19.99 from Dunelm Mill, it's a gorgeous paris themed set again in duck egg blue! This one isn't reversible and in all honestly although I think it is a fabulous set I don't think it really goes with the style of our bedroom furniture.

And last but not least is the bottom right which is a duvet set from Next which is absolutely beautiful butterfly pattern but totally the wrong colour for our bedroom. However I have included it as it is one of my favourites for it's look and style, I just can't afford to replace my curtains and I like things to match!!!

Did any of these catch your eye? I know which set I have my heart set on! Thank you for reading x

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