Review of Totally Amazing Mazes

My husband is a Parragon book buddy and this month saw him receive 'Totally Amazing Mazes' and I thought I would bring you my thoughts and opinions on this book. It should by now be available to buy from The Works, Smyths and Matalan and if the price on the back of the book is the one they go with it says £8.00.

At first glance I'd definitely say this book is eye catching with its bright colours and interesting cover showcasing some of the amazing mazes to be found inside!! This book has over 100 mazes to complete and figure out which is a crazy amount!

I was slightly worried that a book of over 100 mazes.... seemingly the same thing would get a little dull but they are all so different some are twisty, some are straight, so many different styles and patterns that it really doesn't. Obviously as there are no words in this book it is great for children of all ages but younger children will probably need help, although my four year old managed some without any help!!

All in all I would definitely say for our family this would of been a great and fun buy!

ISBN -  978-1-4723-7280-2
128 pages of awesome!

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