Top Money Saving Tips for a Day Out

So as a family, or even as a couple days out can be so expensive and so I bring you my top money saving tips for a day out! Hopefully my methods of saving money will be useful and helpful for you!

So first up I would suggest considering the bus instead of driving, factor in the bus fare vs petrol and parking. And also be sure to check your local bus service to see if they do any special tickets or deals such as a family ticket and consider all the costs of driving vs the bus tickets, sometimes when you are going somewhere either a distance away or parking for the whole day the bus can work out as a cheaper alternative. However if driving is the only option for you then be sure to try and use one of the petrol schemes such as the ones big supermarkets run to either get money off your fuel or earn points to spend in store.

Food is another big expense when going out for the day so I would definitely recommend taking a packed lunch or picnic and even preparing extra snacks and drinks to take along too. It will be a fraction of the cost to buy these things from the supermarket in comparison to eating out all day long.

Check online sites for deals or voucher codes, I simply type the destination into google along with the phrase 'voucher code' or 'discount code' and  see if any come up! Also worth a look is the venue or destination site to see if they have any deals on like a 2 for 1 or child goes free or even a family ticket could save a few pennies!

My last tip but one that I always try to use unless its a special occasion, is to look at a map of the site/venue before we begin and planning routes to avoid gift shops and other such expensive temptations!!

Hopefully these tips were helpful for you and you enjoyed reading them :-)

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