What's in my handbag?!

Have you ever wondered what's in my handbag? Maybe your a mummy transitioning back into using a handbag instead of a change bag and thinking 'What do I put in here, I've forgotten' or a guy thinking 'What do they put in those bags?!'. This post brings you into my handbag, one of a woman's most personal spaces, what will we find in mine?

Okay so my handbag is obviously in the middle. It's fairly recent I got it in January this year at Tesco and I think it was around £20.  Its a matte black with a gold buckle, it has one big zip pocket in the middle and two big spaces either side and I love it. This handbag is massive and perfect for mummy's who need to put lots in their handbag!

The top middle picture shows my two essential items, no matter where I go they come too!!! My phone and the vlog camera (for those who don't know myself and my husband have a daily vlog channel) I use them both wherever I go and so they come everywhere with me. On the left of that picture is my purse which is obviously an essential if you want/need to pay for/buy anything. In the top right corner is my umbrella, my trusty well used Cath Kidston umbrella which I have had for about 5 years and is still going strong!

On the left in the middle is my little book of list and my pens! I loveeee notebooks of all shapes, sizes and colours and so I always feel a little lost if I'm without one! I write lists for everything, I write lists of lists I need to write..... you get the picture! Underneath this picture I have my headphones... for my old phone.... that don't fit in my new one and so should really go and live somewhere else!!

In the middle at the bottom, we have Olivia's spare clothes! Any parent who has a toddler, either toilet trained in the last 6monthsish or toilet training will have spare clothes!! Olivia has been toilet trained for months now but I think spares are a must have just in case! On the right in the middle we have the kiddie paraphernalia from my handbag, random bits that were floating around in there, a hairbrush, a toy American fire engine and one of the netherland pirates!

And last but by no means last I always have the bottom right hand corner which is a deodorant and a body spray. I hate to feel clammy or worry that I might smell (I don't I promise) so I find taking these around with me help me to stay feeling fresh and smelling beautiful!

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