Budget and Easy Teacher Gift

A lot of parents and students like to give a gift to thier teacher at the end of each school year but sometimes you need to do this on a budget, maybe because you have more than one child or even if your child has more than one teacher they'd like to give a gift to!

My son Charlie has four teachers he would like to give a gift to and my son Harry has six nursery teachers he would like to give a gift to!!!! So with a potential ten gifts to purchase I was determined to provide something they could make or help with and stick to a budget so that it didn't cost a fortune. I happened to spot these glass jars whilst out and I suddenly imagined them full of sweets and how cute they would look!


In order to make these jars I needed the jar itself, sweets of choice to fill it, scissors, a pen, ribbon (I found a super cute 'thanks' ribbon for 99p!) and a gift tag of choice (I made these to save more money).

These were soooo simple, quick and easy to make!! We simply filled the jars, we used a variety of sweets and put them in the jars in layers and then cut some ribbon and a tag out and tied it around the jars..... and tadaaaaaa!!

The finished product!! I really hope they go down well as I am sure that they get lots of chocolate etc but I thought these were cute and a little bit different. I also got the boys to write the tags out :-)

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