How to choose a bed for your child?

Who knew choosing a bed for your child would be such a big decision with so many different options and things to consider. Our daughter Olivia is currently in a toddler bed still (she is only two so she isn't too big for one) but we are starting to look around a single beds, and maybe even mid sleepers (for space) for her and the options and things to consider are overwhelming almost.

First of all is the size of the bed so single, toddler, double and which size you want/need. Along with that is also the height of the bed, is it too high for them to get in without a step? Do you want a mid sleeper? And even the size of the depth of mattress that will fit into it!!

The size of the bed also needs to fit into your child's bedroom along with any other furniture you'd like in there. A lot of beds will also advertise which age range they are appropriate for so this is a good thing to look out for!

Style of bed is another thing, do you want modern, classic, shabby chic, cute, boyish, solid big frames, dainty little frames etc etc the list goes on. Remember to think about the style and imagine it in your child's room so that you know it will look good and fit with the style you already have in there. Colour is another thing to consider along with style, you can get many beds in big bold colours or even simply choosing between white, pine or beech can be a big decision.

If storage is an issue you may even wish to think about the under bed storage possibilities when picking your chosen bed. For us this will be a consideration, and I think hand in hand with this is the material the bed will be made from - divan, wood or metal.

The last couple of things I think should be considered are the price and if that price includes a mattress (a lot don't and it can be a costly mistake) and whether or not the bed comes ready made or if it is self assembly.

I hope this post was useful x

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