My Top Tips for a Perfect Picnic

Okay since the summer is almost (if not already) upon us, I decided that I would bring you my top tips for a perfect picnic! Picnics are a low cost fun activity that myself and my family love. In fact even when it rains my children will ask for a picnic and we simply lay a blanket out over the lounge floor and sit inside for our picnic.

Sooo here goes:

  • A big comfy picnic blanket.... must have!!!
  • Avoid sticky/messy food that attract insects!
  • Choose things that are interesting but easy to eat, finger foods are always a win!
  • Bring along rubbish bags and napkins!
  • Location is a big consideration..... think about how accessible it is, whether it is pet friendly if this is needed and where the local amenities are.
  • Who is going and what might they need? Grandparents may need folding chairs and you may wish to take activities for children to do.
  • Bug spray and sun cream!
  • Tie rolls together with ribbon or string to prevent them falling apart on the journey!
  •  Pack you picnic basket in reverse order so food, plates etc then blankets so that when you arrive you don't need to empty all your food to get to the blanket!
This post is ever so quick just to bring you my basic top tips for a picnic, hopefully they were helpful!

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