Glossybox Unboxing & Mini Review

I recently wrote about my Birchbox unboxing, so if you enjoyed that post then this Glossybox post is just the one for you! This months box was the style edition and I think it definitely lived up to that! I have had a chance to try all the products as well so I have put a little bit about what I thought of them too.

First off I have to talk about the box itself.... BEAUTIFUL!!!! I adore it, it is so gorgeous and the quote inside the lid is a lovely touch.

This shimmer powder is by Bellapierre and the RRP is £12.99. I was extremely unsure about this product as it appears very very shimmery (Clue in the name ha ha) BUT I was very pleasantly surprised and I loved it, definitely would be a fabulous evening eye make up!

The eyeshadow brush pro is by Marsk and would be £16.70 to buy. It was amazing to use, so easy to apply eye shadow powder with this brush and the bristles are sooo soft and lovely.

This hair masque is my favourite product in this box. It smells amazing!!!!! So so good and it is suitable to enhance natural and coloured hair! It left my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling gorgeous definitely a win in my eyes!! It costs £18.95 and in my opinion is worth every single penny!! I'd probably only use a product like this once a week so I imagine it would last a while too!

The Invisibobble was a product I was very sceptical about as my hair only needs 5 minutes in a hair band and it is kinked until it is restyled with a hot styling item such as straighteners or rewashed. This hair rings are traceless which means they secure your hair with no kinks and that they won't rub against your hair causing breakages. They cost £4 and they actually work!!!!! I had one in all day and had the slightest kink which I could only really notice as I was looking for it!

This nail polish costs £11 to buy and is my Nails Inc. Personally for me I wouldn't buy this product again even using a bottom and top coat around this polish it chipped within hours and as a busy mum of three I like a polish that will stay put for a at least a few days!

I hope you enjoyed this little post and found it interesting and/or helpful!

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