September Favourites

I have often thought about bringing you a favourites post but I was unsure on how well received it would be and if people would actually enjoy reading it. However since I am really wanting to share my favourite products with you I decided to go ahead and post about them anyways!

First up on my list is a new shampoo and conditioner I have been using, organic beauty pure and simple ever straight Brazilian keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner to be precise! 

My hair seems to be completely crazy! It can not decide if it wants to be frizzy, curly or just generally a mess but none of it's traits are good except for the fact it is very thick (although I also hate this but I am told by lots of people I shouldn't) and although this duo does nothing at all to straighten my hair (I don't think anything other than an iron would work! ha ha) it does give my hair a soft smoothness that it ordinarily lacks!! So for that fact alone it is a winner for me!

Next we have an old favourite of mine, but it is still consistently a favourite which counts! 

It's the Maybelline instant pore eraser and it does what it says on the tube! It creates such a smooth flawless base for my make up and I love it. It is so lightweight and yet compromises nothing in quality and effectiveness, it truly is amazing!! 

Speaking of make up.... next up on my list is my newest foundation buy - an absolute beauty!!!

It's Estee Lauder's double wear foundation in Desert Beige. This foundation is by far the best I have used to date, it glides on giving a clear, smooth and natural finish. It's not heavy to wear and yet has amazing coverage!! And it had the added bonus of SPF 10! What's not to like?! 

Another make up favourite is my new eye liner pen..... that's right an eye liner pen and its great!

If like me you struggle with a traditional liquid eyeliner.... I end up looking like my two year old applied it.... then this eye liner pen is for you! It has a solid precision end for smooth and precise application, even I can do it!!! I am in love, I have always wanted to be able to wear it without looking like a drawn on panda and now I can ha ha ha (I am serious I am rubbish with normal ones)! 

And last but most definitely by no means least is my amazing scents warmer which I adore!

I actually have two of these warmers and they are on almost all the time when I am at home, you use wax cubes in them which melt and the smells are divine. Forget air freshener this is sooooo much better and so much more effective as the smell just keeps coming where as air freshener's only last for a few minutes!!

I hope these products were interesting to you and if you use any of them let me know what you think. 

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