Birchbox Products Review

Recently I posted my unboxing post for the Birchbox which can be found here : and so as a follow up I thought I would bring you a quick post to review the items inside the box.

First up is the bliss foot patrol cream, it rubs in very well when applying to your feet and most importantly it smells and feels amazing!!!!! And after using it every day for a week I do feel like I have a softness to my skin that wasn't there before!!

The Cheeky Lip pencil from Laqa&Co wasn't my favourite product I'll be honest. I found it quite drying on my lips and also hard to be neat when using it on my lips. I also prefer a powder blush so for personal preference reasons I'd say I wouldn't buy this again.

The John Masters Organics Citrus Neroli Detangler was definitely not for me at all. I don't like citrus smells and I genuinely felt like I was washing orange into my hair from the smell and I had to rewash my hair.

The Laura Mercier face polish was sh'mazing!!!!!!!!!! Honestly it was so good, definitely a must have!! Although for the price I think I will be adding that one to a christmas wish list for my husband ha ha!

The Birch Brush is a new favourite of mine! I loveee it, as does my daughter who is trying her best to use it at every opportunity!

And lastly I have to admit I was sadly disappointed by the POREfessional Benefit product although it worked well under make up, if you try to top it up on top of your make up it leaves it looking gross. I know it doesn't say to apply on top of make up so I probably shouldnt judge on that but I'd definitely like a product that I could use to top up on the shine proofing mid day!

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