Kitchen Wishlist

Anyone that watches our daily vlog channel will probably know that we recently put new flooring down in the kitchen. This has unleashed my inner designer and sent me in a wishlist frenzy!! We know exactly what we would love but it's just a matter of not being able to afford it right now (being a grown up is totally sucky!!) but because I am so in love with our ideas I thought I would share them with you.

We would love kitchen cabinets (even just the doors!!) in a creamy country style such as these, with a solid oak worktop all around and personally I would love a big country style sink!!! We are edging away from the purple that our kitchen is currently featured around and heading towards pastels, such as blues, pinks, greens etc.
This table from Ikea is the exact table that we would like!!! Sadly we have a fully functioning table and therefore no good reason to buy *pulls a very very sad face* and obviously we would LOVE the matching chairs to go with it.
This may sound really silly but we have never actually been able to choose a table and chairs ourselves, we have been gifted all of the dining sets we have had so far (three in total) from family as they upgraded theirs and whilst I am extremely grateful because we don't have the space money floating around for what we'd actually like, it is hard as a woman trying to put your stamp on your home and have it reflect you when you have furniture that is someone else style and taste.

This was just a little post to give you an idea of what we would ideally love for our kitchen, hopefully one day I will get there.

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