September Round Up

Well September was a big month for me and my family!! Especially the little ones! Harry had his first day at big boy school (Primary) and had been attending ever since and luckily he took to it like a duck to water he loves it which is great news for me but for someone that started out with three children under the age of three, having one at home all day is strange. Lovely to have the time with her but most definitely strange!

My eldest Charlie also went back to school and started in year 1. Charlie had more of a rocky start and was more emotional than Harry. He was very worried about where his new peg and tray would be etc and is generally a little more sensitive to change.

Olivia also had her first session at nursery!! She was really excited the first day but not so much after that ha ha!! She has gotten quite emotional lately and although she is only doing one morning a week we have had lots of tears and 'I don't want to go mummy' which makes me so so sad :-( this is her on her first day and you can see how excited she is.

We went on some lovely walks as a family this month, we went conker picking and also up to a local tor on the moors! 

We had a bit of drama when our car broke down one weekend and we ended up walking everywhere!! You can actually watch that in our vlog :

ANDDDDDDD at the end of month and really exciting..... my husband starting taking the kitchen tiles up ready for our new flooring!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!

I hope you enjoyed this style of post, I am thinking it could be a monthly feature!! 

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