Top tips for throwing a little girls birthday party!

Hopefully by the end of this post you will have some ideas for throwing a little girl a birthday party and I will have shared some of my top tips! This week has seen my baby girl turn three!!! Three whole years old and I have no idea where they have gone? Time has flown by and before I knew it my beautiful tiny bundle of joy has become a confident beautiful three year old girl! The only thing that Olivia insisted on for her birthday party was pink..... pink pink pink! If you haven't guessed she is a complete girly girl when it comes to pink, it's her favourite, anything pink is a definite win!

My first tip is be prepared!!! Make sure there is no rushing around to do on the day. List list lists.... shopping list in advance, guest list, decorations list and anything else you can turn into a list (I totally love lists). Next make sure you know how many people you are going to invite and get an RSVP in enough time for you to shop and plan without panicking!

Food is a big planning deal for me, planning exactly what you need to buy and for how many AND also plan to cook as mum of it as you can as early as you can either the day before or early on the party day morning. Nearly everything can be made in advance and I had all food cooked and wrapped and in its place on the party table two hours before the party-leaving me enough time for last minute tidying and a little spruce up for myself! Thus leaving me in the party mood and relaxed and ready to enjoy!!!

My party bag tip is fill them with goodies that don't need to be in the fridge and will keep and prepare them well in advance!! If they are ready and done all you will need to do is find somewhere for them to sit and wait for the guests to take them home! So much easier and one less thing to cause stress!

Food wise I would say my tip is to try and buy as many items that don't need cooking for example, pre cut carrot sticks are fabulous, they won't need cooking or cutting just emptying onto a plate or into a bowl! If you plan on little sausages you could try the cooked ready to eat cocktail sausages as one less thing to cook!

Pre-planning party games will help a party be successful, if you choose a game like pass the parcel though be sure to know how many children are attending so that you can wrap the right amount of layers/sweets and nobody gets left out! Thus avoiding any tears or tantrums!

Top tips for tidying may sound a little wasteful but as a busy mum of three I like to spend more time with my beautiful children and less time tidying! So I always try to get paper plates and cups that I am happy for people to throw away, a plastic table cover that I can just roll up crumbs and all and pop into the bin!!

Another tip I have (which is mostly just for cute photo's) but we bought a couple of Photo Booth packs from B&M for £1.49 each and left them with a plaque with an instagram tag for Olivia's birthday - #lulabelles3rdbirthday which was just as much fun for the adults as it was the children and it also left us with some really cute and funny photos!

Top tips for a budget is to start your shopping early, I will start picking up bits for next years party whenever I see anything on offer and I always check out the sale sections at the supermarkets! All in all these tips have helped my beautiful baby to have a fantastic and successful 3rd birthday party!

We had such a fantastic time for Olivia's birthday and her party and I definitely think these tips that I followed had a lot to do with the ease and relaxed approach we were able to have!

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