10 Confessions of a Sleep Deprived Mummy

We've all been there, sleep deprived, harassed and doing things we never thought we would. Here are 10 of my confessions that I have done or know of someone that has! Happy reading..... and laughing!!

1 ~ Some days caffiene and sugar are my main food groups!

2 ~ I have used dry shampoo for three days in a row more times than I can count.

3 ~ Sometimes when my husband complains that he didn't get a moment of peace at work to rest I want to shout at him.... did you have mini interrogators watching you poop today?! Nope? Then your day was a success!!

4 ~ I regularly have told my children that noisy annoying toys are broken when actually the batteries are flat or have been removed.

5 ~ Some days when they were younger I didn't manage to get dressed before lunch time.

6 ~ I have told my husband that I have lost my phone..... whilst talking on the phone to him.

7 ~ Washed my hair with shower gel instead of shampoo.

8 ~ Tried to pour milk into the washing machine instead of fabric softener.

9 ~ If my home screen on my phone didn't tell me I'm not sure I would have remembered the days of the week.

10 ~ Stop talking mid sentence because you've forgotten what you were talking about!

What confessions have you got to share?

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