Adult Colouring Books

This Christmas I was lucky enough to be given an adult colouring book, I have been wanting one for a while now but couldn't justify spending out for it for myself (and yet I would buy my children new ones at the drop of a hat?!). Luckily for me my lovely in-laws bought me the I <3 colouring book by Buster Books as a Christmas present along with some new shiny pens!!

I am one of those parents that joins in with the children when they colour..... and yes I get a little territorial and take a page out and shelter is from stray pens and scribbles!! Not the easiest task with three young children but I try! So my excitement to have my very own 'grown up' colouring book was huge, the excitement around colouring a picture or pattern that wasn't a fairy princess or a pirate was crazy!

The pictures inside are varied and some are actual pictures for example birds around a bird house and others are patterns over the entire page. So far I have only had time to colour two pictures and I have loved every second. The only downside for me is that the pen goes through and so I will only be colouring every other page, I could use pencils but for me they don't have the same soothing effect as I am slightly obsessed with wanting the colour to look as a block and I don't feel like I get that with pencils as you have the pencil lines and the shades can vary.

Personally for me I find them very relaxing and enjoyable! It's nice to concentrate on something and achieve something that there is no pressure over. Has anyone else tried adult colouring books? Maybe received one as a gift this Christmas? Or any that you can recommend?

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