How to stick to New Year Goals?

Research shows that a lot of us don't make it past 14 days before we stop following/achieving goals that we set for ourselves in January so I thought I would write a post on how to stick to those goals and finally achieve all the things you want to. Dependant on what your new years goals are I have some tips to help you.

Mostly  I would say that having mini milestones and checking progress weekly will definitely help. For example if your goal was to save some money or get out of your overdraft, then sit down each week (pick a day that you will do this every week) and work everything out ingoings and outgoings and work out how much progress you could make each week, achieving this progress each week will help you to feel accomplished and to stick to the bigger plan.

If dieting/getting fit was your new years goal then taking weekly measurements of your body and also of your weight will help. Hopefully seeing the numbers go down each week will help you to remain focused, definitely choose a set day for doing this as your weight can fluctuate a lot throughout the week and daily weighing can have the opposite effect.

If you are struggling with time for something maybe a hobby, family time or even just some me time then getting organised could be key! You could organise you work things every night before bed such as packing your bag, organising your lunch etc and then in the morning you would free up some time, maybe to have breakfast with your children, maybe an extra 10 minutes to take the time on yourself to get ready or even 10minutes to read a book. Time management is key in making time for the things you'd like to do that are important to you.

And finally but maybe most importantly think back to your reasons for wanting to put these goals into place in the first place and remember why they are important to you!

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