MEEM Memory Cable Review / Competition

MEEM memory cable's are cable's that not only act as a replacement for your charging cable and charge your phone but they also back up your data every time that you charge it. The idea of this definitely appeals to me, if you have read any of my other blog posts you will know that as well as a blogger I am a vlogger and sometimes if our camera runs out of battery or if I forget to take it out I will vlog on my mobile phone.... great unless anything happens and then I would be left with no footage at all. With a MEEM memory cable I could rest assured that if anything happened to my phone, whether it was lost, stolen or damaged everything would be there ready for me! I also like the idea of it being stored in the cable and not on an online storage site... which considering I put a lot of my life online may sound strange! However I never claimed to be 'normal'.

You can buy MEEM memory cables for Android and iOS devices from and they retail from £49.99 which when you consider the memories it could save you from losing doesn't seem like very much money to me.

When you first plug a MEEM cable in you will be asked to download the app, and then asked to create a 4 digit PIN which will protect you from unauthorised use. The PIN will be required whenever a new phone is connected to your MEEM cable. If you have 5 failed attempts at the Pin then your MEEM will lock itself and require a PID to unlock it (this can be found on your receipt or packaging).

One feature which particularly appealed to me was the ability to back up two iPhones as my husband and I both own an iPhone 6 and so we could share the cable and both have peace of mind. The MEEM cable itself comes neatly packaged and with a very handy 'Get to know me' booklet which very simply and quickly explains how the MEEM app works and what you need to do to use it and its functions (it also very handily has clear and concise pictures for my fellow instruction readers who find this a good way to learn quickly and be reassured that they are doing it right).

When I tried this product out, I did find it was very user friendly and easy to use.  As you can see from the picture above, I plugged it in, loaded the app, chose a PIN and then when you tap the background it comes up with tips and instructions (very handy). I backed up my phone with no problems at all, it literally was a swipe across the screen and the MEEM cable did everything for me whilst working with the app!! And considering the memories and data that it has now protected if anything happens to my phone, I would go as far as to say it was amazing! In this modern day that we live in so many photographs are kept on our mobile phones and not printed out anymore..... imagine how heartbroken you would be to lose them all, those memories?! I can rest assured that my precious photographs and data are safe. If this sounds interesting to you and you'd like to view their campaign please check this out -

You can also enter here :// your chance to win either an iPhone 6s or Android S6 (chosen by winner at entry).  And the winner will be announced on 14th March. **I hold no responsibility for this competition or the prize and you should take any queries through MEEM**

All opinions are my own.

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