Tops Gifts for Her for Valentines Day

Being a woman myself (who'd have guessed it right!?) I though I would do all of you guys out there a favour and create a wish list of some perfect gifts for her for Valentines Day. Obviously if your not married or engaged you may want to consider a proposal?!? But if you aren't at that stage or indeed don't want to be at that stage here are a few ideas that will still have the wow factor and get your lady smiling!

So first of I should say you could consider a weekend away? Whether its to Paris or a little B&B somewhere some rest and relaxation just the two of you will be a gift that she would love. Who wouldn't want some alone chill out time with their fella?! (And if she doesn't want alone time with you then possibly you are not right together......)!

Next up on the list are some UGG boots and slippers that I know I would love!!!! The Bailey Button Ugg Boots RRP at £165 so slightly expensive but they look gorgeous and my UGG's that I have now have lasted for years so definitely worth the pennies! The UGG Scuffette slippers RRP at £75 and I would loveeeeeeeee some of these!! They look so unbelievably comfortable (however if the lady in your life doesn't wear slippers then this is not the choice for you! However do not fear I have a few more ideas to come!

I have recently finished a bottle of Dolce and Gabbana floral drops and it is such an amazing smell!! However if you are unsure if it would be liked then make a note of your lady favourite perfume and head to a perfume counter they can normally advise you of similar smells and perfumes that would be liked.

The Pandora shop is next on my list, we all know that if your lady has a Pandora bracelet then you could buy a charm for it but what about stepping outside the box with the beautiful rose gold heart earrings pictured above? They are sold for £45 and looks so simple yet stunning!! Or if necklaces are more her thing then the entwined hearts necklace is such a beautiful and loving gift that £75 seems a steal. I myself have jewellery from Pandora and their quality is perfect!!!

I hope this post has given you some ideas for Valentines day.

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