House Wish List

You may remember me writing a kitchen wish list post late last year, well I thought I would extend that and create a house wish list with the different things I'd add or change for different room. I mean in an ideal world I would like a new bigger house but that isn't going to happen, financially we just don't have the funds right now. I'm not saying that we have the funds for these things either in fairness which is why it is a wish list and not plans that are in motion..... maybe one day!

As I'm sure most people do, we have a list of things we would love love love to do to our house some of them are big and some are small and some will be achievable. I'm going to put our wishes in the order of importance to us and just go through them all big and small!

First of all you may not have realised this but we actually live in a two bedroomed house, yes all five of us!! Luckily our house has massive double bedrooms with lots of space. We would absolutely love to split the front bedroom (which is the biggest) into two. It is doable but it is just a matter of money. We would need to change the window to two, new radiators, new flooring, walls put up and new doors. A couple of the two bedroomed houses on our street have already done this and it is such a good idea we just need the funds (being a grown up sucks doesn't it?!).

A conservatory!!!!! We would be ecstatic if we could afford a conservatory, we would have so much more space, currently our table is in the kitchen which is great and it fits but it does need to be pulled further into the room for us all to sit at it as it goes against the wall normally, to have somewhere that we could just leave the table ready to use would be awesome!! The extra space for toy storage etc would be so lovely as well. However conservatories are expensive so that is definitely a firm wish at the moment.

Our stairs would improve dramatically with a new carpet on them as well, we have lived here over 6 years and the carpet was slightly tired looking when we moved in so you can imagine how awful it is looking now! We have always had things that we needed more and took priority, new beds, clothes for the children, car seats etc etc babies don't come cheap and they don't cost any less as they get older either.

We'd also love to replace the cupboards and furniture in the kitchen. Ideally we would love cream country style cupboards with oak worktops and furniture wise we would love a new table and chairs set. Our has been mended many many times now, if you watch our daily vlog you may have seen in one vlog that one of our chairs actually collapsed under a guest which I was mortified about!!!! Luckily he didn't get hurt and it was my brother who totally didn't mind and saw the funny side but yeah..... not great!!

In our lounge we would love new lighting to brighten the room up as it doesn't get much natural light and we would also love a new sofa. Ours is perfectly fine, one of the wooden support bars snapped but my lovely husband fixed it up and they are fine to sit on just very tired and I have found although leather is great for wiping things up it does show wear from you sitting on it very easily!

We would love new flooring in the back bedroom whether it was laminate or carpet as the current carpet is a lilac purple and quite frankly it is an eye sore!!!! We much prefer neutral colours and would go for a beige, grey or brown!

Outside wise we would love to move our garage forward so that it was next to the house. Which is basically building a new garage! Ours sadly isn't water tight and we can't seem to sort it no matter what we try (this frustrates my husband so much!!!) so we can't store anything that needs to be kept dry out there and lots of things do get ruined which is very annoying. We would also love a new patio that was level and uniform as our is a mish mash and not level which means we have wobbly tables and chairs when sitting outside.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gave you a little insight into our wishes. Do you have any plans for you homes?

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