How To Make Valentine's Special on a Budget?

We all have a budget whether we budget £100 or £10 depends on our personal circumstances and sometimes we find ourselves wanting to make things really special and not knowing how to on a small budget so here are my ideas on how to make valentines day special on a budget. I thought I would start my ideas at the beginning of the day and work through the day mentioning different ideas that you could use, you could choose one, three or all and your Valentine's day will definitely be special even on a budget.

First thing in the morning, whether it's a work day or a weekend you could get up that little bit earlier and bring your loved one breakfast in bed, I guarantee that your loved one won't mind being woken up even a little bit early if you are treating them to such a delight. Even cereals, toast and a cuppa on a tray will be appreciated.

Give a gift of chores, pick your loved ones most hated chore and gift them a home made voucher for that chore, for example a brilliant voucher for me would be - 1 month of not doing the dishes!!! This shows thoughtfulness and that you have taken notice of you loved one.

A picnic is a fabulous Valentine's idea for a budget, it doesn't have to be fancy, some sandwiches and a picnic basket in a park, maybe some bread to throw to the ducks. Such a romantic gesture and you can devote your attention to each other. Remember to think carefully about your loved ones favourite sandwich filling to add that extra special touch.

Leave love notes throughout the day, start with one on their pillow, one in the bathroom, one on the wardrobe door, in their lunch, on their windscreen etc etc. Think of something different for each note either a compliment or a declaration of your feelings and your special someone will end the day feeling so loved and appreciated.

Cook at home, my husband does this for me a lot and I appreciate it so much more than I would being taken out for a meal, the time and effort that goes into it is so sweet. You could write or print out a fancy looking menu of the dishes you will be serving and place it next to their plate. If you choose a dish with carrots then I can also recommend cutting them into heart shapes, my husband did this one year and although it took him a while I still smile now when I think of it and it was a couple years ago.

Go somewhere with a clear view to watch the sunset, even looking out of your bedroom window if you can see clearly from there. For us I would choose to go to the local castle ruins which sit up on a hill and give a clear and beautiful view of our area and the sky.

Finally you could run  bath with their favourite bubble bath, light a few candles and let them relax and enjoy.

I really hope that some of these idea's were helpful and you can find something you'd like to do for your loved one.

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