Me&Mine Family Update

Welcome to a little weekly update about my family and what have been up to this week. We have got up to some really exciting things from skateboarding to the tooth fairy visiting and I have cherished every moment. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to stay home with their children (although I know some just do not want to and that is fine too its totally a personal choice) and I am so thankful that I am able to.

This weekend we decided to go on to Plymouth Hoe and go on their skateboards/bikes and we discovered that Olivia absolutely freaking loves skateboarding! And she really seemed to have a natural balance for it too keeping her feet apart and her knees slightly bent. The pure enjoyment on her face was priceless!! 

Charlie lost his first tooth!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness my gorgeous baby boy is so grown up!!! I can not believe how grown up he is and I seriously can not believe he is big enough to have lost his first tooth!! He was super pleased and feeling really grown up as lots of his friends have lost several teeth already and the tooth fairy was generous enough to leave a £1 coin. Charlie decided to put his £1 in his piggy back with the rest of his money.

On Tuesday this week we received a postcard from Harry's headteacher commending him on his thinking and mathematics skills. We are so proud of him and he is proud of himself (rightly so) I have spoken to a few parents who has said that it is unusual for these to be sent out and that they aren't something that is done very often so I am doubly proud of him. 

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