Why is 'me time' so importance for your health and happiness?

Are you always rushing around? Juggling lots of things at a time? Feel under pressure to be perfect in all aspects? Have you ever been the mum/dad that hasn't showered in two days? Or has had to jump in and be out without two minutes flat? Rushing around trying to get a million and one things done and trying to keep on top of everything? I think it can be easy to forget to take time for yourself, whether that is a quiet bath to destress, a haircut or doing something you enjoy. When you don't take the time for yourself it is easy to lose yourself and become quite unhappy.

Me time can be key for long term happiness and positive mental health. It doesn't have to be alone just doing something you enjoy, for you! Taking time for yourself can improve your self worth, mental well being and help us to unwind and to reboot ready to tackle more that life brings. Relationships can blossom when both parties take the time for themselves to relax and productiveness can also improve!

If you are lacking in time to do these things then you can try and fit them into your day, whether it means taking your lunch break in the local park to sit and unwind, waking up a little before the household or even making a date each week/month with yourself for time just for you!

Sometimes the thing that holds us back is guilt, we feel like we should be doing something more 'productive' with our time. I know this is definitely the case with me! I run around doing everything that I can think of and then I keep going and going until it is time to collapse into bed. It is definitely okay to have time for yourself! To go for a walk or read a book! It is GOOD for you!! Sometimes you also have to put yourself first, again guilty as charged as I hardly ever do this.... but when I do..... nothing falls apart!!! Everyone copes and it is good for your husband/partner and children to see that you do need to think of other, to help them and that sometimes they have to put others first. It comes full circle.

I hope that this was helpful and it you have any great tips, or favourite things to do then please leave me a comment below.

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