Butlins Bognor Regis Ocean Hotel Accommodation and Site

There are many different types of accommodation at Butlins Bognor Regis - apartments, rooms, suites and three different hotels! We stayed in the Ocean Hotel in a beautiful room, we had the main room which had a double bed, a dressing table, wardrobes etc around the bed, a two seater sofa and a very funky looking chair! We also had out bathroom-which was beautiful, a twin room which was through an archway (perfect for us with smaller children) and our balcony. The sofa could also be used as a sofa bed.

The room was tastefully decorating in stunning colours and the furniture (beds, sofa, chair etc) were of very good quality and most importantly comfy.... I can not stand a lumpy mattress or sofa and I am pleased to say Butlins had neither, they were so lovely and comfy!

The site had many amenities such as a laundrette, spar supermarket shop and even a Spa! The spa itself is actually located in the Ocean Hotel but I don't think it is limited to Hotel guests, I am really disappointed that I didn't get to try out the spa facilities as from the outside they looked amazing, I did pick up a price list and they aren't overly expensive and are fairly reasonable spa prices. The spa would be an amazing opportunity to unwind and really relax and pamper yourself (maybe when my three are a little older I will set aside some me time?!)

There was a swimming pool, fairground and even an adventure golf course on site (which we did try out and was super fun!) but I will include more about these things in my Entertainment post, for now though I'd like to end this post with some photos of our room which truly was beautiful! 

This was in the main area/bedroom (you can see the double bed to the right side) and you can see one of the wardrobes, the dressing table area (the smaller green cupboard is actually hiding a little fridge) and the very comfy green chair.

This shows the bath/shower in the bathroom. One thing I do need to say (and I wish I had a photo) was that the bath actually lit up with multicoloured lights from the ceiling (you could just use the normal light if you wanted) but our little ones loved it, calling it a disco bath!

This shows one the beds in the twin room, I was standing in the doorway/archway for this photo, there is storage as you can see, a TV but also storage boxes under the beds for extra storage.

In this picture you can see what I mean about the doorway more clearly and we LOVED the design and colour in this bedroom!

And finally this photo just because we thought it was seriously cool!

I do so hate posts that don't have any negatives as they seem so fake but I seriously couldn't fault them! The only thing I will say is that we had intended to use the sofa as a sofa bed but that it wasn't made up as one (the bedding was in the cupboard) which I thought perhaps could have been done for us BUT I am sure if I had asked they would have sent someone to do it as their customer service is brilliant.

Thanks for a brilliant holiday and some fantastic memories Butlins xx

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