Our Butlins Bognor Regis Holiday Introduction

This Easter we had a family holiday at Butlins Bognor Regis, we stayed in the Ocean hotel in a beautiful room (a detailed accommodation post will be coming soon) and we had an absolutely amazing time!! I can not recommend Butlins enough it is all round a family fun holiday!

With three hotels along with their apartments and rooms this Butlins site is nice and big although it definitely doesn't feel cramped in anyway. Everything is spacious and spread out nicely. The site itself features the Skyline Pavilion, fairground, swimming pool, crazy golf, playgrounds and many more things! (To be repetitive an entertainment post will also follow so that I can go into more detail!)

We have been on several Butlins holidays now and we recommend them to everyone we know, especially those with children, our week was fun packed and we made so many amazing memories as individuals and as a family. Our children had the best time and have already been asking about going back again!

There will also be a post to follow on how to get the most out of your Butlin's holiday as we felt as we knew what kind of things were available to us etc we managed to get so much more out of our Butlins break than out breaks the previous year (which was fabulous as well). So if you are planning a Butlins holiday then please keep an eye out for this post as I feel it would be really helpful.

As this is just an introductory post to let you all know what to expect from me in the next couple of weeks I thought I would include from photos of some of our favourite memories!

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