How to update your kitchen for under £100

Who would like to update their kitchen but doesn't have thousands of pounds to pay for a new one? I totally did so here is my how to post on updating your kitchen and giving it a new look for under £100.

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack on before photographs!! My lovely husband accidentally cleared the memory card that they were on! I have managed to find one on twitter that shows the cupboards and handles etc but it isn't the best quality!
The paint that I purchased was from B&Q (V33 Renovation Smooth Kitchen Cupboard paint in the colour Linen) and it was so simple to use!!! I took the cupboard doors off and gave them a wipe down and then dried them and then used a small roller to put the paint on. I did do two coats and I still have over half a tub of paint left!! The paint itself cost £36.94 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

Next up for my gorgeous looking cupboards was handles!! The only handles were definitely not something I would choose. After a long time choosing (I also had to pick handles that were the same length as the ones I had taken off so that they matched the holes already in my cupboards) I finally decided on some Brushed Nickel effect curved handles which were £9 for a pack of two and I needed 12 bringing my handle total to £54.

And believe it or not that is all I spent and it has completely transformed the look and feel of my kitchen!!! I am totally in love with it now and I am so so glad that I didn't spend thousands on it when this makeover cost me £90.94 and some time!! 

The actual project itself took a day and a half but a lot of that time was actual drying time for the cupboards as I couldn't put them back on with wet paint etc. The paint went on really smoothly and it was so simple, no sanding or prepping as such just a quick wipe down and making sure they were dry. I also painted our kitchen cupboard plinths as well so that they would match in and give a smooth and stylish overall finish. 

My friends and family that have seen the kitchen can't believe the difference it has made to the room and have all been shocked at how little it cost me. Several of them actually thought we had replaced the cupboards as well.

I would definitely recommend this as a budget way of updating and renewing your kitchen to give it a new lease of life. Happy painting x

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