Chores for a 6 year old

So we all wonder at some point what age our children should be doing chores and which ones are age appropriate so here is my list of different chores that my 6 year old completes. Not every day I might add but these are things I think are age appropriate and will ask him to do on different days.

  • Make his bed, I also expect it to be relatively neat (not smooth but at least out flat)
  • Put his dirty washing in the wash basket
  • Dishes from his meals into or next to the sink
  • Tidy his toys
  • Wipe the dinner table
  • Wash his plate (obviously no cutlery because of knives etc)
  • Washing into the machine (not turning it on just popping it inside)
  • Putting his laundry away (again I expect it to be relatively neat)
  • Recycling carried out to the bin
I do have to say I do make him do the first four everyday they are general things that I expect from all three children even my three year old as they are simple and just a part of daily life. When I decided to write this post I really thought there would be a longer list, and I am surprised writing it all down that there isn't. What chores do/did you make your six year old complete?

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