EURO 2016 | Top 5 tips to have a great family time during the football tournament

Euro 2016, Top 5 tips to have a great family time during the football tournament..... Really? You can easily be forgiven for thinking that for a month whilst the EURO 2016 Football tournament is on that family time is out of the window. However I've been thinking and I really do not think that EURO 2016 spells the end of quality family time in fact the tournament can bring everyone together.

Welcome to a new feature on Katy's blog. This is going to be a regular post when I the better half..... alright the half being dragged behind like a child refusing to walk after ten minutes, has his say. Either way this section will provide you with an insight to a husbands view on all things family related. Some may remember a little blog called Daddy Space, well I was the creator of that blog, I have since moved on to Daily vlogging on Gibsonvlogs. However having this little space on such a fantastic blog has made me all nostalgic and excited like a scientist discovering perpetual motion for the first time.

I look forward to writing a post from time to time for my beautiful wife's blog and re igniting my passion for sharing our lives on the internet. You never know I might even get my own section or Tab on Katy's blog comment below if you think I should be blessed with such privileges.

Without further waffling about old times I will get on with the here and now and I'll reveal my Euro 2016 Top 5 tips to have a great family time during the football tournament.

  • Firstly, it may seem so simple but when watching the games engage with the children during the match. This is more that likely the longest period of time that you will be sat still and it provides kids the perfect time to get your attention. Attempt to not get annoyed with repeat questions like whats offside, even if they are not old enough to grasp the concept of the rule just engaging with them over something you are so clearly into will give kids an enormous sense of involvement which will make the whole time so valuable.
  • Secondly, have children friendly parties get them involved in making fun decorations, flags, bunting, paper chains and all sorts of other decorations you can think off. Why not make the most of an opportunity to have lots of fun you know it makes sense.
  • The sun newspaper run an extremely popular and free to use dream team game online. If you do not know how dream team games work, basically you choose 11 players and as the games are played you pick up points for goals scored and clean sheets etc. You could as a family all pick teams and add them into a mini league just involving the families teams. This will raise the awareness and excitement level from your children about different teams in the tournament.
  • Have a wall chart everyone can see in the house get the kids involved with filling it out and getting to know where and when the games are getting played. Nothing wrong with squeezing a secret Geography lesson in.
  • Football tournaments inevitably come along with hundreds of official tournament merchandise items. One such set of items which I think can be of real benefit for helping enhance family time during EURO 2016 are football trading stickers. These help put faces to the names of the big players, some of which even the commentators struggle to pronounce.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my EURO 2016 Top 5 tips to have a great family time during the football tournament. Have you got any amazing tips on enjoying the EURO 2016 tournament ? We would love to hear them so leave a comment below telling us about it. I will be back again soon with another enthralling dive in to the world of parenting from a mans perspective.

Hope you've enjoyed reading....  Mr G

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