How to make the most of summer!

My husband and I have made a pact this year that we will make the most of summer and get every ounce of fun out of it that we can, so here are my top tips for doing just that! As a family we have been making the most of any great weather so much that I already feel as if we have had part of a summer and its only the beginning of June!

The first and most important tip is to embrace the sunshine! If its sunny then plan plan plan!!!!! And in order to plan for this sunshine keep a close eye on the weather forecast and even if its not blazing sunshine, sunny with a breeze or overcast but not too cold.... you can still do things!!! You could even do things in the rain..... take coats and wellies! And the memories and good times you have will be worth it!

I am a big lover of planning ahead! I like to look at the weather at the beginning of the week (yes I know it can change quickly.... I keep checking) and think of what we could do (if anything, we don't rush around everyday!) each day. For example last week we planned - a walk locally, two bikes rides, a trip to the beach and it felt good to get as much out of summer as we could, especially as it is raining today!

Money doesn't always have to hold you back, we are firm picnic takers! We always take our own sandwiches etc that we would eat at home for lunch or we have a picnic for dinner! Normally our costs are limited to petrol and parking!

And don't let time stop you, one hour of great fun is better than none!! The hours add up and before you know it you have had a great week, month and year! We have gotten really productive at using the time after my husband finishes work so we will either prepare a picnic in the morning before work or I will do it before he finishes and we will go straight from work to somewhere. And we have had some of our best times doing this-a picnic at the beach after work in the sunshine is so relaxing!

I hope these tips were helpful and I hope that you are making the most out of summer too :-)

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