How to make the most out of your Butlins holiday!

We have been to Butlins several times now and I just wanted to share my advice on how to make the most out of your Butlins holiday! Obviously some people will just want to go with the flow and enjoy and in that case you are probably not reading this!!! However for those of you like me that like to plan plan plan and get the very most out of their holiday then this is the post for you!

So firstly its good to know that you can arrive on site earlier than check in! The time will depend on which accommodation you are staying in so I would recommend checking the website! I packed a separate bag with all of our swimming things in and when we arrived we went swimming until our accommodation was ready, win win!

Next I would like to point out that if you have a smart phone, you can download the Butlins app which has resort maps and also tells you what shows are on and where! Very helpful for planning in advance. Personally I wait until we arrive and you are given a leaflet which telling you where and when all the shows and activities are, prices etc etc. And I do like to take a highlighter along with me (I know I know I need to find new hobbies ha ha) and I go through with my husband and we highlight shows and activities we would like to do.

If an activity needs booking then I recommend doing that ASAP as lots of things are space limited. From then on each morning we look to see what we have highlighted and plan our day based of what is near the things we would like to do. For example our last Butlins trip was to Bognor Regis and the Skyline Pavilion stage was right next to the play area and some rides so whenever there was a show we wanted to see we did those things either before or after.

Some people will think that planning takes the fun out a holiday but for us it keeps us going and doing fun things and we are able to fit the most amount of fun and activities for the children into our holiday. Our children are all 6 and under and so they have lots of energy and like to keep going and having fun. Meaning that planning our days and being organised to fit the most in is essential for us to have a successful holiday!

Hopefully these tips helped you and you enjoyed my post if you did then please check out my Butlins videos on my youtube channel :

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