How to make your own Euro 2016 party decoration!

We have been really enjoying watching some of the Euro 2016 games at home and so I decided to show you how we made our decoration! It was so super easy and cheap to make!

So this is what we made - a really cool flag type bunting that we could hang up around the room! Which as you can see was a massive hit with the kids!

To make this you will need:
~ Coloured A4 paper or card
~ String
~ Glue
~ Sellotape
~ A printer
~ Scissors

So first of all we folded the coloured paper in half and cut/carefully ripped it down the middle. After this I folded the ripped/cut edge over slightly-you will find out why shortly! We then found pictures of all the flags we wanted online and printed them so that one flag would fit on one piece. 

We then used the glue to stick one flag to each piece of coloured paper making sure that the folded edge was facing the table and at the top. Then we used string and sellotape to create our bunting by putting the string along the top and taping the folded paper down.

Once we had added every flag to the string and made sure to tape it down we had our finished bunting! We hung it up and are planning to enjoy it whilst we watch the football games! This craft was literally so quick and simple to make and the kids did most of it and loved doing so! 

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