Inexpensive things to do this summer with children

We all know that having children is expensive and finding things to do with them can cost a bomb, but hopefully this post featuring our favourite inexpensive things to do this summer with children will help to keep the costs down!

  • Bubbles - honestly we have had hours of fun with bubbles and when they run out you can refill the pots by making your own mixture out of washing up liquid and water! We take in turns with them practising their bubble blowing and me blowing the bubbles and my children chasing and popping them!
  • Chalk - we got a massive tub of chalks from our local pound store and they create endless entertainment for a low price. If you have a patio you set up the creative station there but if you don't then you can always look to the driveway (minus car of course) or even the pavement if you aren't on a main road! We practise our letter, numbers, spellings and draw pictures of anything they can think of.
  • Picnic - this may seem like an obvious one but packing up a picnic and heading somewhere nice is a fabulous, low cost idea. We pack up our normal lunches of sandwiches etc and head somewhere lovely to enjoy the summer.
  • Pot and pan play - older children may not enjoy this one so much but the younger ones definitely will. Whether its playing pretend cooking or whether they pretend the pans are some drums and make music. Lovely to watch and completely free!
  • Drawing - most parents will have some colouring books and pens or pencils to enjoy so what better activity? We will quite often take our colouring to the garden or the park and enjoy it outside as well.
  • Beach - for us the beach costs us parking. That may seem mean when they are so many things you can buy in the beach shop or the ice cream shop but because we take our own food and only pay for parking it means that we can go to the beach more often than we could if it cost more!
  • Park - we absolutely love the park! We have our local park which we go to a lot and we will also drive to other parks around our city and try them out too which keeps it fun and interesting. It's also nice to see which parks they favour and why.
  • Make a den - this was one of my favourite activities as a child and it completely free if you already have the items needed. Grab some blankets and make a den!!! We will pop blankets over the table and have a den underneath and even drape them over the trampoline net for a den outside. So much fun.
Hopefully these inexpensive/free activity ideas have given you a few plans with your children! Having fun doesn't have to cost a fortune!!

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