Top 10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Fathers day is fast approaching as we are nearing the end of May and so I thought I would bring you my top ten gift ideas for the special dad in your life. These things may not be to your liking or something the dad in your life would actually like as I have based these on what my husband would like and also what I think generally dads would like to receive. Lets get started!

  • A handmade card - nothing beats a handmade card, maybe a picture of child and father on the front or a lovely drawing of their choice. Even little babies can do a few scribbles and you can write 'Happy Fathers Day'
  • Breakfast in bed - made with the help of any little people, they could decorate a tray with pictures and help you prepare his favourite breakfast.
  • Personalised drawing keyring - so on the subject of drawing this personalised keyring is perfect, your child's drawing will be forever on the keyring for them to look at.
  • Smart Phone Projector - for the gadget geek dad this looks so fun! I know my husband would love to play around with this!
  • Virtual Reality Headset - whilst talking about gadget I thought this looked like a super cool and fun present! And again all you need to use it is your smartphone and its low in price!
  • Cute t-shirt/babygrow - now this present I just think is sooooo funny the message that is printed on the t-shirt or baby grow is 'I'm your father day gift, mom says you're welcome'. You can also customise so anyone in the UK may with to ask for mom to be changed to mum or even to have something completely different written on it.
  • Star Wars T-shirt - for the star wars fans out there this is the perfect t-shirt/present!!!
  • Go Pro - so this item is a lot higher in price but is an amazing piece of equipment for anybody that enjoys filming things, we actually already have one and we have captured some amazing memories at the beach etc with this as we have a waterproof case with ours.
  • Driving Experience Day - now my husband personally would probably prefer a bike driving day to cars but I know this is a popular one and so I thought I would include it!
  • Engraved hammer - this is such a cute idea as most dads find a need for a hammer at some point in their lives and this is personalised with any message that you choose! 

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